Park Street Theke Phere Dekha

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Park Street Theke Phere Dekha

Book Publisher:Punascha
Book Author: Pulak Kumar Chakraborty
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Mr. Pulak Kumar Chakraborti's book Park Street Theke Fire Dyakha (Looking Back From Park Street / পার্ক স্ট্রিট থেকে ফিরে দেখা ) is a memoir of Park Street encompassing upmarket mansions, Flurys, Park Mansions, Magnolia, Oxford Bookstore, and Sahib Sing, many of which were owned by Mr. Jit Paul of the Apeejay Surrendra Group.The book goes on to chronicle how Mr. Jit Paul with his keen commercial vision, decided to establish Apeejay Surrendra Group's headquarters on Park Street, transforming the posh residential neighbourhood into a bustling commercial hub of the city.The author narrates how the decision to build the Park Hotel, acquire and restore the historic Park Mansions, build Apeejay House, the first commercial leasing building at Park Street, take over and run the iconic tearoom Flurys and the Oxford Bookstore, and more had transformed Park Street into Kolkata's High Street that never sleeps!

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About the author: Mr. Pulak Kumar Chakraborti, the author, was a director of Apeejay Group and had worked closely with Mr. Jit Paul and Mr. Surrendra Paul, as well as the next generation - Mr. Karan Paul, Chairman of Apeejay Surrendra Group, Ms. Priya Paul and Ms. Priti Paul, both managing directors of the group. The book shows us, through his eyes, how the Paul family's work influenced the character of Park Street. Mr. Chakraborti, an MBA from Calcutta University, published his first book "Abhijattba Ebong Ak Akanaka" (অভিজ্ঞত্ত্ব এবং এক একনায়ক/ Empiricism (Aristocracy) And A Ruler) in 2019.


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