Heal Your Gut, Mind & Emotions

Heal Your Gut, Mind & Emotions

Book Publisher:Penguin
Book Author: Dimple Jangda
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Did you know your physical, mental and emotional well-being depends on your gut health? The healthier your gut, the better you are!With the gut as a central axis of vigour, health coach Dimple Jangda has helped people all over the world recover from chronic diseases through a powerful combination of ancient Ayurvedic science, modern research and nutrition with a special emphasis on food chemistry.In this comprehensive book, she shares the tools that shaped her life and advises on how you can use food to preserve your health and reverse diseases. She outlines a five-step process that will help you unlock the huge potentials of the gut and improve your gut–brain axis so it can share critical information with you on what the body truly needs.Dimple’s goal is to empower people to use nutrition to prevent disease, and through this accessible, exhaustive book, shows you just how you can do that.ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dimple Jangda has donned many hats before finding her calling in studies of gut health and Ayurveda. Her research in Ayurvedic science and food chemistry was based on her quest for good health.She started Prana Healthcare centre in 2017 with a team of Ayurvedic doctors, therapists and biotech researchers. Prana was featured as a case study by Routledge, Taylor & Francis publication, UK, in their book Doing Business in South Asia.Dimple has received several honours, including Asia Iconic awards, Business World―Future Masters and Times Brand Icon 2021. She was recognized as ‘40 most influential under 40’ by the Indian Achievers Club. Dimple also has also received honorary doctorates from The Thames International University in Paris and the National American University.Her clinic and academy have helped patients and students from over sixty-four countries to recover from chronic diseases using Ayurveda and nutrition. She gives healthcare advice across various social media platforms, where half a million followers from over 100 countries have been tuning in every day.

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