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Book Author: Serjio Almeciga
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How did humanity evolve? And what does our evolutionary history tell us about what it means to be human? These questions are fundamental to our identity as individuals and as a species and to our relationship with the world. But there are almost as many answers to them as there are scientists who study these topics.This book brings together more than one hundred top experts, who share their insights on the study of human evolution and what it means for understanding our past, present, and future. Sergio Almécija asks leading figures across paleontology, primatology, archaeology, genetics, and many other disciplines about their lives, their work, and the philosophical significance of human evolution. They reflect on questions that are both fun and profound: What set you down your career path? Are humans special? Where and when would you travel in a time machine? Does human evolution offer lessons for society? Is evolution compatible with spirituality and religion?Humans features a remarkably accomplished cast of contributors, including Kay Behrensmeyer, Frans de Waal, Nina Jablonski, Richard Leakey, Robert Sapolsky, and Richard Wrangham. Together, they provide a refreshing, personable, engaging, cross-disciplinary, and thought-provoking exploration of different―even diametrically opposed―ideas about our nature and evolution, what makes humans unique, and what our future might hold. This book also offers practical suggestions for readers seeking to embark on a scientific career.ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sergio Almécija is a researcher and writer. Originally from Spain, he currently works as a Senior Research Scientist for the American Museum of Natural History (New York). With his work, he tries to find answers to questions spanning from human evolution to the emergence of consciousness. Occasionally, the process involves going out into the field (or a museum) to gather new data. Sometimes it consists of reading and connecting the work of others. His research has been featured in the major journals in general sciences and human evolution.

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