Greek Gods, Monsters and Heroes

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Greek Gods, Monsters and Heroes

Book Publisher:Puffin
Book Author: Devdutt Pattanaik
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An all-in-one storybook, picture book and colouring book from India's most-loved mythologist.Devdutt Pattanaik introduces popular characters from Greek mythology to a new generation of readers with a masala twist. Greek Gods, Monsters and Heroes is perfect as a read-aloud to acquaint young readers with the fantastic ancient Greek tales of valour, beauty and wonder.Curated with fascinating bite-sized introductions well-known gods like Zeus and Poseidon, heroes like Heracles and Bellerophon, and monsters like Cyclops and Minotaur-it features over forty playful artworks of Greeks in Indian clothing along with dedicated colouring pages.One-of-a-kind, this book is a must-have for every curious mythology enthusiast and budding artist!ABOUT THE AUTHOR Devdutt Pattanaik is the author and illustrator of over fifty books and more than 1,000 articles on the relevance of mythology in modern times. He decodes the beliefs and customs of all cultures, modern and ancient. He enjoys simplifying complex themes and illustrating them to make them accessible to audiences of all ages, as observed in the very popular books written by him, including the Fun in Devlok series, Pashu, The Ramayana for Children: The Girl Who Chose and The Mahabharata for Children: The Boys Who Fought.

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