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Published on Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 19:11


We have refined our ordering process to make placing orders easier and faster. When you place your first order with, you'll use our Standard Checkout system to enter your information and create your Account. As every purchase you make is backed by,'s Safe Shopping Guarantee so you never have to worry.

How to Place an Order -- New Customers
  - Placing an Order Using Standard Checkout
General Information
  - How to Order Items with Different Available-to-Ship Dates
- Forget Your Password?

How to Place an Order - New Customers and Returning Customers
Placing an Order Using Standard Checkout

Follow a very easy step-by-step process to place your first order with Just take these steps to order any of our titles online:

1. Click on any item you'd like to buy - You can click on an item's picture or descriptive link (eg. Click here for more information etc.). You'll be taken to that item's Brick Page. On the Brick Page, you'll see the pricing, availability, reviews, detailed description and other information on that item.

2. Click Add to Shopping Cart button to add that item to your Shopping Cart - You can click "Add to Shopping Cart" button beside the item which will guide you to our Shopping Basket Page. Here in your Shopping Cart you'll see the items you've opted for, along with the total price and the amount you save by shopping at

You can also add/delete the Gift Wrapper option over here. If you want to buy more than one item, click "Return to Shopping" button in the Shopping Basket Page and repeat the first step. If you are a returning customer you can view all the items that you have added previously.

In case you want a gift wrap for the items, click on the gift wrapping icon.

3. Click Checkout to Proceed- Once you're ready to place your order you press the "Checkout" button and you will be guided to our easy step-by-step online shopping process.

4. Login - If you are already logged in then offcourse you don't need to login again. If not you are required to login with your login credentails.

5. Billing Address -  In the Address section you have to decide whether you want the item to be shipped in the Billing Address. In which case only fill in the Billing Address and tick Ship to Billing Address.

If you want to send it to some other place, you need to fill in a seperate Shipping Address.

6. Select a Delivery Method - In this section you can choose your delivery options depending on the cost of the shipping mode and the time you have chosen for the delivery of your shipment.

7. Select a Payment Method - In this section you have the freedom to choose the payment option that suits you best. The array of payment methods available to you are - Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Paymate, ITZ Cash Card, Demand Draft, Local Cheque, Out Station Cheque and Cash on Delivery etc.

Please not that for Local Cheque, Out Station Cheque and Demand Draft we will wait till the bank clears the payment, before dispatching the order.

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