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Assam is home to the endangered Great Asian One-Horned Rhino. Only about 2700 rhinos survive in India today. Oxford Bookstores and WWF-India Conservation Partnership aims towards raising funds, raising public consciousness and sharing responsibility towards rhino conservation in India’s North Eastern state of Assam. Oxford Bookstores and WWF-India Partnership seeks to enrol customers of Oxford Bookstores and Cha Bar in the cause of conservation.

From Teas of Oxford Bookstores’ sister company Apeejay Tea Group’s Assam Plantations, sold in the hip Cha Bar, contributions in 8 cities will be set aside, and donation matched by Oxford Bookstores to fund the WWF India’s Great Asian One-Horned Rhino conservation project. You can find out more about the Great Asian One-Horned Rhino by clicking here.

Customers of Oxford Bookstores in 11 cities across the country can also directly but voluntarily support the Give Back To Nature programme of WWF-India. Every time you buy a book at the store, you will contribute towards supporting the Wild Wisdom quiz programme. The Wild Wisdom quiz is India’s only national level quiz to sensitize and generate awareness among children by fostering a sense of competition, pride and knowledge of Indian biodiversity.

The anchor to this new collaboration is Oxford Bookstores’ newest and most architecturally crafted retail store in New Delhi that opened on April 2nd 2013. Conservation Saturdays, a once- a – month program -, with topics as broad as possible, inviting people of all age groups, businesses of all types and sizes, as well as individuals, to participate will be hosted at Oxford Bookstore Connaught Place.

As a value addition to the collaboration, WWF-India conservation products will also be available at the WWF-India Green Corner at the Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place.

We request you all to join our cause. You can find out more about the Great Asian One-Horned Rhino by clicking here. For how you can support the cause please click on the Logos below. To partner with us or donate to the cause please write to us at :